The team

Simon Below - *1978 - Author, coach, seminar leader, Youtuber with a wonderful family and a total of 6 children. Simon lives on a family farm in the Thuringian Forest. Simon grew up with Alf as his stepfather. He has first-hand experience of much of what is reported in the books and has experienced many "unusual things" together with Alf and Christa. Alf was Simon's father figure and mentor. Simon's tasks in the movie are: Directing, acting, editing and special effects, screenwriter and producer.

Christa Jasinski - *1948 - Author, free spirit. Christa lives with her family on a country estate in the Thuringian Forest (it's the same one). Christa has completed and published the books of her late husband (Alf Jasinski) from the second volume onwards. Christa is the "guardian instance" to ensure that everything remains correct in terms of content. She also brings a lot of female energy to this movie.

Max Siegel - *1994 - Actor, seminar leader for body intelligence, healing with sound and voice and spiritual gardening. Adventurous, emphatic, curious, deep-seeing person with great knowledge and good intuition. Max embodies Alf's mentor Ulluer, an extraterrestrial from the planet Achele, who lived in Inner Earth with his wife Mara for some time.

Peter Bayer - *1964 - Employee

Friendly, curious, empathetic person with a huge heart. Peter proved to be open and ideal for the role of Frater Peter, harboring the Frater's soul (for the duration of the production), which came to him voluntarily. Peter is just as warm and just as much of a humanitarian as Frater Peter was.


Jaron Chamarel & Karin Leitner

Our team is not yet complete and still needs to grow...., but there are plenty of offers.