An ordinary movie?

The experiences of Brother Thalus of Athos form the basis of this film. They have already been published as a book by GartenWEden Verlag and have sold over 50,000 copies in 9 volumes.

It is an extraordinary work about the background to our history, about cosmic humanity, about our brother species on Earth and the extraterrestrial visitors who have lived there for generations.

Does that all sound very fantastic?

Not for us. We, the makers of this film, were there from the very beginning and experienced all of this first-hand and with the author - Alfons E. Jasinski. How he left the house freshly shaved in the morning, drove to Inner Earth, took off into space (stayed for 3 days) and was still back home in time for dinner in the evening...only with a three-day beard....

Listen to his story, the knowledge and experiences of our cosmic brothers.

Watch our "Making of" - we shot the trailer for 3 days in Carinthia.