Any questions?

Why is this movie needed?

The feedback from readers of this unique book series is absolutely fantastic. Many report the extent to which the books have changed their lives. However, we also realize that many of the experiences described in the books are not easy to understand. In the film, we try to interpret them in a more modern way (not to falsify them) and put them into a more understandable language. The actors must be able to fully absorb the texts and render them in their own words. This expands access to the written book enormously. Some things are better explained by pictures than by words. The enlightened world needs films like this to better understand and process the mass of information.

What we need & what you get out of it

The better the movie is supposed to be, the more expensive it will be, of course. We'll take what you give us, with a target of €100,000. Why so much? Well, for a good movie this is not much. It will take over a year to make the movie and that's only if it's possible to make this a full-time project. We are filming over 400 pages of concentrated information.

A day's shooting is calculated at around €2000, we are planning at least 20 shooting days based on our previous experience.

Most of the capital will be used for technical equipment, locations and permits, make-up (and costumes) and - last but not least - the actors. Another large part is used to buy professional effects and masks. So far it has been easy to portray Ulluer in the trailer because he looks humanoid. With the other actors, this becomes much more complex. So we have a reptiloid in Starsa, an Ohai (Draco) in Mordechai etc... they look very different to us....

Project management and marketing will also not be free of charge.

But we don't just offer the film (which will definitely be made), but also thank you with generous and sometimes unique services such as

  • After-show tickets for the premiere
  • Raffle for seminar participation among the donors
  • An elaborately designed copy of a page of Alf Jasinski's original handwritten notes - signed by Christa and Simon
  • Exclusive participation in the pre-premiere in a private setting
  • Inserts as advertising partners in the movie etc.

Risk & challenges

In principle, your investment is safe, as the film wants to be produced and we are prepared to invest a lot of equity and time to bring it into the world. However, the amount of donations determines the quality of the film and, above all, the time it takes to complete it.

The challenges are huge, but so is the support. The large fan community of the books gives us sometimes amazing access to professionals who offer their help, even if it is "only" to show us how to do something. For example, working on the background with an LED wall etc.

Other ways to support us

If you can't donate, that's understandable of course. But you can certainly promote us by making the project better known, by sharing it with many people. Maybe you are also an actor, or you are able to distribute the movie in the USA, in the UK or France, or, or... then get in touch. And in the end, our real intention is to bring the information from the diaries closer to humanity, so it is also enough to watch the finished movie and apply what you have understood.

We are also happy to receive donations in kind, know-how, help with filming and more. Would you like to offer us something or contact us in any other way? Gladly under:

How can I donate? Is there an explanation in German?

Take a look at our video about it

How would you like to bring the movie to the people?

We are making an "indie film", whether the big distributors and cinemas are interested in it is still questionable. However, we have solved that: We're acting as distributors ourselves and renting cinemas (yes, that's possible) to hold screenings there. If you know any operators, please let us know.